What is a CMS?

A CMS, or Content Management System, is a piece of easy to use software which enables a client (such as yourself) complete control over the content on your website. Used in almost all websites today, a CMS allows the user to change text, add pictures, pages and even modify visually through a WYSIWYG interface

What does WYSIWYG mean?

WYSIWYG stands for “What you see is what you get” This ultimately means that when modifying your content using a CMS or Content Management System, the interface that you requires no specific coding or skill in order to modify content such as text, images or videos.

When modifying a page on your website for example, you use an interface, similar to that of Microsoft Word® or iWork’s Pages® to change font size, style, font or even color



What server do you use for your managed plans?

To save on costs which we can then pass on to you, we lease a VPS, or Virtual Private Server, with dedicated resources including Intel Xeon® processors and RAID-5 server-grade hard disks. We operate on the latest version of cPanel, MySQL, PHP and Apache web server

These servers are located in the hub of the Internet – Silicon Valley, USA and provide a super-fast, powerful and reliable platform to host your website on, no matter what it may be.

Why are your hosting prices higher than somewhere like GoDaddy.com or JustHost.com.au?

Although our prices, when compared to those of the cheap, “unlimited” shared host providers, may be higher, the level of support, service quality and reliability you recieve from us will be a thousand times better!

You may find a host which can offer you “unlimited” bandwidth and “unlimited” storage space for a quarter of the price. This may be perfectly acceptable if you’re running a basic HTML website without utilising any software, but think about when you need to run a management system such as WordPress?

The resources required to run this software must come from somewhere, so where? Shared hosts such as GoDaddy.com have a number of enterprise servers, which they then offer budget “unlimited” plans from. Where is the problem? These servers need to deal with thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of other websites, just like yours, limiting the performance of your website.

When one of these shared hosts mention “unlimited” chances are – it’s relative, and to their discretion if they believe you are using too many resources they can put a block on your account! If you think about it logically, how can a host offer “unlimited” storage if the server they are promising to not only you, but 3000 others, has a specific amount of available space on a hard disk just like any others. Say this server has 10 x 4TB hard disk drives, for a total of 40TB, this is going to fill up eventually – and when it does your website will suffer!

Here, each one of our servers have no more than 10 accounts meaning your website is run in a super-fast, powerful and reliable environment. We keep our servers updated and your data is backed up either once weekly, or twice a week depending on the plan you choose