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What is a Managed solution?

Just like any piece of technology, think of your website like a laptop computer, things can go wrong. In order to make sure your laptop is working properly and to it’s fullest potential you need to update the operating system, clear your web browsing data, apply virus updates and clean up your files every so often (and if you don’t, we can for you! Just click here) This is the same as a website. When running your own website it’s important you ensure you update the system, apply updates and security patches and run performance tune-ups. This can take a large amount of time and a level of skill. If you are busy focusing on your business, your website, one of your most valuable tools, it’s usefulness is diminished.

This is where our managed solutions come in. All our hosting plans include the management of your web solution, whether it be a single page site, to a large-scale CMS system.


We have a number of hosting plans available to our customers, starting at less than $700 including 12 months of managed service and hosting.
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